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WordPress Backup Setup Using BlogVault

WordPress Backup: WordPress users who's looking for a backup solution so in past few years a lot of WordPress backup solution is coming online considering that 20% of the websites in the world are powered by WordPress if anything goes down and you don't have the WordPress Backup you kind of lose all your work so depending on if you're a blogger or if you're an agency who's maintaining and managing WordPress for their client or a freelancer.

who's developing what rate based websites well a WordPress Backup system is something that you must have and one rule of the backup if you don't store your backup of the same server where your website is because that beats the purpose so thumb rule is your backup should be oxide on some other server maybe it can be Amazon it could be Dropbox it could be Google Drive anywhere as long as it's a recent backup and that you can also use to restore your website.

Now recently the blog world which is a GDP Aradia WordPress backup system and offer many significant features which seems very promising and apart from backup they also provide features like check for the malware which is something becoming a real problem the increased number of cyber attack and spam so it real-time checks your website for any kind of Mulvaney in the WordPress theme or plugin and it helps you to take right action now we'll get into all this detail later on there's a blog post on sharp loud you can read that to understand everything about blog world but in this tutorial we look into how we can configure blog world for a WordPress website.

The very first thing you need to do is like just simply go ahead and sign up for an account they offer seven days free trial where you don't need the thrilling card I believe so you can start taking backup of your WordPress site for free for the first seven days get used to the interface and if you like then you can upgrade to the premium plan all right so here I've added one side but let's start from scratch let's add a new website and see how the process looks like once you're inside the dashboard click on head near side so I'll back up this short meeting calm click on next trip and now until the fun part you can manually install the plug-in by going to your dashboard go to plugins add new and install the BlogWorld plug-in or you can also let blackboard do that for you.

So let me do that so in this case I'm letting block volt automatic installer to install bog wood plugins so that should be easy this enter your WordPress username and password here since they're using HTTPS or you have one less thing to worry about in case if I'm very paranoid about this you can actually go ahead and install plug-in manually either way it's ok this will work so let's click on install plug-in so the first thing that means like it will gather all the information and then it will start taking the backup and you can see where the firewall is enabled by default so block will team also developed another solution called Vulcan and they offer both the solution with the block word so depending on the plan that you mean the kind of features you need.

You can pick up the plan so they have personal business developer agency plan depending on what's your status if you're a blogger you can go for personal plan if you are a business or you know like somebody is managing lot of client website you can take the business plan or Regency plan so this would take some time so let's give it a break alright so if here's the report now the first packet is completed now you can see the file sync was about 287 MB and all my database table is also sync so the file thing is like your wp-content folder tables are like the tables and you can also take backup by clicking on it and you can see more detail about your backup I click on View side diddled so let's take out more details.

Now one of the features that I really like about Lockwood is the staging feature which actually gives you the option to you know basically create a replica of your website on a test server and then you can do all kind of testing like trying new plugins edit your themes and once you're ready you can make it like now this is a feature which is offered by most of the managed WordPress hosting but if you are using your own server like this dilution water or anything else where you don't have the feature for staging you can always take advantage of wormwood so enemies let me take you back so here's a WordPress tutorial this is the website which I added and this will give us some more data about.

What we can expect on the dashboard so you can see like it has taken nineteen WordPress Backup we can configure how often the backup should be taken but if you want to move your WordPress site from one posting to another you can also do that using the migrate feature we can click on restore feature to restore your backup to a new server now security feature is what I was mentioning you earlier like it scans your website for any kind of threat they keep updating their security engine to identify those update a threat and that's something which is I think a deal-breaker for a lot of people who are managing multiple websites now the firewall feature.

Actually let you check the traffic and log in lock so let me give you an idea here so you can see here it just shows logs like if somebody is trying to log in using brute force attack the attack is from Germany in fresh air and you can also click on files or traffic log to see how people are accessing your website now many of you may not be using it regularly but sometimes when you're under attack this is going to be very useful you can click on secure site and also secure certain part of your website.

Now this is a feature that you would not usually expect from a what is backup system not imagine if you are taking regular backup but your team's or your plugins are corrupted or you know they are infected with the virus and that goes into your backup for the next 30 days or 50 days and when you try to restore your website you never get free of those infected file but in this case when the WordPress Backup is being done while scanning your theme and plugins to find the infected file.

Actually your WordPress Backup is more secure and it's actually more useful so these kind of features are something that you won't see anywhere else I know you can see the staging site which I was mentioning about this clicking on this will take me to the staging site which is basically a replica of my original site and I can also log in here and make some changes now this is not going to be indexed so there is no problem of the placated content.

Think of this as a playground of your life site or replicas where you can do anything you like whatever changes you want to make you make it on your staging site once you're ready once you feel like hey this is worth it when you make the same changes of the live site and here is a overview of how many users teachers are I think the most important thing that you need to configure and the only thing that you should definitely configure it is when you want the same to happen how time's the WordPress Backup it should be taken and overall it's a very powerful engine they are constantly developing and adding new features which will ensure that your backup actually.

works since the team is backed up by people who really understand the security and real concern about the users data because even if one particular user doesn't have their backup properly means losing the website which means losing your revenue so whenever you are considering any backup system the first thing you need to ensure that the integrity of data backup is there and that's something you get with the club board now from the pricing point of view.

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I would not say that it's one of the cheapest one out there the personal plan cost about $89 a year depending on the number of website you want you can always pick a plan according to you so from the pricing point of view it's definitely on the high end but again the kind of service they are offering my twenty restore one-click staging site backup validation and you know also the word face management features.

it's totally worth it considering they are also GDP compliant which is actually a big deal for anybody who's serving traffic to shirokiya share this is going to be very helpful that's how you add a website to blog would you start taking backup and then you can forget about everything else has it at least some of the security well that's how the blog world works I understand you may have some question about the WordPress backup feel free to ask me in the comment section we'll also check out the blog post I will add the link in the description so you get an idea that what all you get with blog world well with this.
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