Friday, June 1, 2018

Xiaomi Mi 8 - Top Features

Xiaomi Mi 8 - Top Features:Even though the rumor mill has revealed the upcoming Xiaomi MI 8 smartphone through grainy leaked shots and videos we are yet to see a clear press render that shows off the appearance of the highly anticipated flagship phone fresh posters of the black and white color variants of the MI 8 fitted with the tempered glass have surfaced.

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Xiaomi Mi 8 - Top Features


The new images reveal the front and rear design of the alleged CME a/c xiaomi mi 8 can be seen sporting black front for both black and white variants.

The handset can be seen sporting a wider notch that is speculated to house the complex 3d facial recognition feature the chin of the device appears to be a bit thick compared to thin bezels available on the sides of the display the back side of the phone features a vertical dual camera setup and a fingerprint scanner the bottom edge of the phone seems to feature a USBC port and a speaker. grille see Mi mediate features.

A 6.2-inch display that supports Full HD plus resolution rumors are right that it features a notch display with 18 by 9 aspect ratio Xiaomi Mi 8 - Top Features handset is pre-installed with Android 8.1 the Snapdragon 845 chipset powers the smartphone the SOC is coupled with 6 GB of RAM and it features native storage of 128 GB of RAM.

It is fueled by 3300 mAh battery the elite has further revealed that the Mi 8 features a front camera of 16 megapixel with f 2.0 aperture the dual camera setup includes a 20 megapixel main sensor that is assisted by 16 megapixels secondary sensor the thickness of the device is 7 millimeters and it weighs 172 grounds amia is rumored to debut the first ever Android phone enabled with 3d facial scanning.

Mari over it is also speculated to be blessed with under display fingerprint scanner also it could be the first Cami phone to come with an LED display some rumors have claimed that it could be also available an 8gb RAM option.

leaked information that had surfaced earlier this week had suggested that 6 GB an 8 GB RAM variants of me a could be respectively priced at 2799 you GaN dollar for 39 and 3199 yuan-dollar 500 so guys what do you think about the made rumored specifications  and features share us your views by adding your comments down below
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