Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Uc browser Removed from play store today's Latest tech news

Uc browser Removed from play store today's Latest tech news: The UC Browser is China's products. The Google decision of the people is understandable how they can UC Browser removed from the Play Store. At present, there are only UC's mini browsers on the Play Store. Do not see the original UC Browser. But there are mini usa browser and uc news.


You must be surprised to know that the UC Browser is the most popular browsing app used throughout the world. It has been banned for India. You will not find the UC Browser on the Play Store. Today, on 14 November, Google has deleted the UC Browser from the Play Store.

Uc browser is most Popular in India they have 500 million+ download on Google Play Store. But Now surprised removed from Google Play Store why ?

Why uc browser Removed from play store ?

It is not known why the UC Browser has been removed from the Play Store, it's Chinese Browser have many claims like uc browser was not Safe for browsing, uc browser sell user's data in China & Also uc blocked all type's of Advertisement in his browser. We don't have actual reason for uc browser Deleted from play store. suddenly the UC Browser disappeared from the Play Store, the UC Browser is not on the Play Store anymore !!!

Now you tell us whether Google removed the Chinese browser it's corrected or wrong ? What you think say in Comment Box And do not forget to share this news.
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