Friday, September 1, 2017

Blue whale Game Searching India No 1 Google Report

Blue whale Game Searching India No 1 Google Report: Blue whale Game is today's Dangerous & Diffrant Game. This Game Called As "Game Of Death" & "Suicide Game" But Blue whale is The world's most Searches Game. It's Says Google latest Report.

Blue whale Game Searching India Rank No 1 Google Report

As a Google Trends Report Deta of This Year India Rank No 1 For Highest Search About Blue whale Game.  India's 7 City are included In the List of Top 10 most Blue whale Game Searched City's of the world. In This List Tiruvanathapuram no 2, Kolkata no 3, Baglore no 6 & Guwahati, Mumbai,Delhi Also Included in This List.

Kolkata Has The Highest Number Of Searches For The "Blue whale challenge" keyword. Manipur and Nagaland are among the top states to search for the “Blue Whale Challenge” keyword.& San-Antonio,Nairobi, Paris 3 non Indian city in this list. So Finally This report Says India among top nations to search for online suicide game.

Top Keyword For Search Blue whale Game

According to the Google Report most Searched Keyword Is “blue whale challenge”, “blue whale game challenge”, “blue whale challenge game download” and “blue whale online challenge game download”.

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