Saturday, August 19, 2017

World's Smallest Camera Mini Camcorder in Just 500 Rs

world's smallest Camera mini camcorder in Just 500 Rs: in this technology world's daily launch Lot's of Gadgets & they all are have some specialtys. Here we know about world's smallest & cheapest camera.

World's Smallest Camera

World's Smallest Camera

 It is the smallest camera in tha world This Camera look like a DSLR. ! It Say Mini Camcorder. This smallest Camera 2MP Revolution, you can click Photo, Record Video's, you can use this camera also as USB card Reader. It Record Video In 640*480 Resolution at 30 fps (frame per second), support micro SD card up to 32 GB, it can also support recode during charging.charging this camera very easy, This smallest Camera charging time around 3 hour's.

World's Smallest Camera Specification

Resolution: 2MP

Video: 720* 480 PAL Model & 640*480 NTSC model

Recording Time: 60 Minutes

Charging Time: 3 hour's

Lens: 120deg views

Weight: 10gms

Framrate: 15 to 20 fps

Support Micro SD Card up to 32 GB

It offers Lot's of Features for the Price of 500 Rs. Yes ThisCamera's Price 8$ His Estimated 500 Rs.!! In 500 box you get world's smallest camera with kitchens hook, richtraap, Usb Cable & usrs Menus. This Camera's shutter button is Multifunction button. You can power on pressing & holding it about 2-3 seconds. There you go see Red LED & camera will Started. Now How To Shoot Photo's & videos using this Smallest Camera ?

How To work? the smallest camera of the world ??

It's easy Just need to single Prees to shutter button & camera will shoot the Photo's. You also see red LED Blinking some time & to shoot video you need to press & hold button 2 second after LED Blinking it mins that has Started recorded video, to stop the Recording you need to press button ones. you can't preview what you shooting so you should be carefull when shooting photo & videos. So This is simply instruction How this mini camcorder works.

So This is The smallest camera of the world look a like DSLR camera. This thing is Small, Funny & Portable. Just Looked it for Price 500 Rs, it can shoot photos, Videos & even use it kitchens. So it's Awesome !!




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