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Google, Apple, Facebook Three Tech Giants are Redy to Enter In TV Marketplace

Google, Apple, Facebook Three Tech Giants are Redy to Enter In TV Marketplace: Google, Apple, Facebook is world's Very Popular & Biggest Company. They have make Lot's of Money In His business. We Know This Company's was Changing world's He was Daily Improve His business & do something New everyday. Now This Top 3 Company's Google, Apple & Facebook Started to Television Services & Enter in Television Marketplace.He was Also make His own Episodes/shows. This is The very Biggest Plan of This Three Company's. Now Finally Crowded TV Marketplace Gets Ready for Three Tech Giants.

Google, Apple, Facebook

Highlights of Google, Apple, Facebook TV Marketplace News

> Apple, Google, Facebook Entre In TV Marketplace & Planed to Show TV Serials On His Platform.

> Facebook, Apple & Google Make Thair Own Serials & Episodes.

> Every Year Estimated 500 Shows & one Show Maximum Show Budget Is 195 Crore Rs.

> Chinese employees has put a photo on the social media, & Claimed This photo is Apple TV Testing Leb.

California: In Short Time you see TV Serials on Google, Apple, Facebook Platform.This Company's Also make His own Serials & Showed most Popular Serials & Shows Live Stamering. It mins you see serials in tv, now you will be able to see it on this platform too. This will be a huge impact in the Tv market. will be greatly compitetion Even before the company arrives. Right now Amazon, Netflix, Hulu are 50% partners in this.

In order to enter the Tv marketplace, the companies Google, Apple, Facebook kept the budget even bigger. Apple's Starting Budget is 6500 Crore, Google has not disclosed Starting Budget, but in some cases Google can spend up to 195 Crore rupees for every episode. The same Facebook did not say anything, but he could also give Rs 195 Crore of every episode. These companies do not lack the money. And it's very Richest companys that can do anything!

That budget also puts them on a par with the most elite & Popular programmers in television. like "Fargo" and “American Horror Story” has a programming budget of around $1 billion. Netflix will spend around $6 billion on content this year. HBO’s budget is around $3 billion

There is a plan to show more than 500 episode every year. These companies have not fully disclosed. But a Chinese employer has put a photo on the social media & Claimed This photo is Apple TV Testing Leb.

Apple in the program Mr. Erlicht and Mr. Van Amburg has taken along. Amburg was definitely regarded in Hollywood as talented studio executives, "The Crown," "The Goldbergs" and "Breaking Bad" is Erlicht & Van's Most Popular TV Serials.

Apple could buy Bollywood Content From India's Errors Group

Apple could purchase Bollywood Content from Errors Group For His platform. If that happens then it will be a great deal. Errors Group will sell His Bollywood Content Library to Apple.

So This is The Latest news Of Google, Apple, Facebook. This Company's will Enter in the Television Marketplace. And Make High Completion in this Fild Of Television. What You Think About This Biggest Plan of Apple, Google & Facebook ? Say in Comment Box. Do Share This Latest Information on Social Media's

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