Thursday, August 31, 2017

BiliScreen Pancreatic cancer Detected App Selfies could save Life ?

BiliScreen Pancreatic cancer Detected App Selfies could save Life ?Now with the help of the Smartphonephone, you will get cancer information! one Selfie will be revealed to you about cancer. happened or may be cancerous. American scientists have created a Selfie App. that app will do this work.

Biliscreen Pancreatic cancer Detected App

Biliscreen Pancreatic cancer Detected App

This app will show the level of bilirubin in the eye. Bilirubin is a yellow substance found in bile. In pancreatic cancer the color of the white part of the eye becomes yellow. This is the reason that the life of pancreatic cancer is very late, and due to that, the chances of survival of the patient remain very low. So this apparatus can be detected in advance, this app has been created for this purpose.

IS app has been prepared by scientists of the University of Washington. There is a 87% success in testing of this. In which he was tested on 70 patients. Now, the Beschillin App will be launched in Hawaii on September 13, 2017. Scientists say that it will reduce the number of deaths from pancreatic cancer.

How Biliscreen App work ? How your selfies could help detect pancreatic cancer.

This app will collect Selfie photo. the app have installed a computer vision system, which will show the color of the white part of the eye in the photo and show bilirubin level. so  possible to catch penicatrice cancer. then also Possible immediately treatment. so Biliscreen Penicatrice cancer Detected App.

The Co-Outher of Biliscreen App meker team Jim Taylor's father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the age of 70. Jim says that "pancreatic cancer is very terrible and my father's death was also from this cancer." This selfie app will be very usefull.

So really it is amazing to have technology. Using the technology correctly, the American scientist showed this work.

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