Thursday, August 3, 2017

12 August no night !! Reality of Viral News

12 August no night ! Reality of Viral News:  before few days one news is viral on Internet. This Message Reality is Most Important for Every Internet User's.

Some messages and photos are becoming viral on the Internet, which is being told that "12 August 2017 will not be night but will be as bright as the day. NASA also claims to be this miracle, This is a wonderful phenomenon for human life, so do not forget to see the energy of the day in the night. "So such news is being fast sharing & viral on the internet.

12 August no night

12 August no night Reality

Now, do you think this will happen? Could this be? Does NASA also ... ?? So it will not be so. This is all false message. And people share it like crazy !! WhatsApp, Facebook, where news papers are being shared in which this news has been told. It may be true in the news paper but that only half the news is seen in the viral photo. Or even today the fack news has become commonplace. Now such photos are also made in Photoshop !! Few Day Ago on newspaper edited Photo viral on WhatsApp were it was said that "WhatsApp will be tied off from 31st July" but what stopped? Most viral messages on the internet are wrong! if people are not share  true messages and news so how true message viral ?

12 August No Night NASA Connection

NASA has just told it on its website that the  will be  meteor shower so which would be light somewhere  !! And here's a what can be Shared? !! NASA has not even said by mistake that there will be no night on August 12 !! So it is a straightforward thing .... The news of NASA being kept in the middle of the false news is failing.

Viral Fack News & Message Also Remember

A lot of messages have already become viral before we remember "in this day we will see 2 moons in the sky !!" What ever show? "A big planet will touch the earth and there will be a lot of harm!" but nothing anything. It's not inuf  "the world will be destroyed in 2012", then about this topics film was made but today 2017 !! this type lot's of message & news become viral and people are also shared this fack message. !! This news is also part of this fack news.

So Finally This is The Fack Message. Now we are waiting 12 August ! but Trust me You Also See night on 12 August. I Hope You like this post it's usefull Information for All Internet User's, so Fast Forward This Reality with All Your Friends & Also Share on All Social media.

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