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Top 21 Amazing Whatsapp Facts You Should Know It

     Top 21 Amazing Whatsapp Facts You Should Know It: whatsapp is most Popular Social media.We are All using whatsapp as Favorite Messengers & Photo, video,jocks Source. But Do you Know About WhatsApp ? Do you Know whatsapp Amazing Facts ? So here we know 21 Things you didn't know about whatsapp. I know just few People are know This whatsapp Facts. If you are whatsapp user's then you should to know About Amazing Whatsapp Facts. So Let's Know Amazing Facts on WhatsApp.

Amazing whatsapp Facts

TOP 21 Amazing Whatsapp Facts

1. Jan Koum & Brian Acton was Founder of WhatsApp. This 2 Friend Are Rejected By Facebook & Twitter. After Reject This 2 Man Make World's Biggest & Most Used Messaging App neme WhatsApp & now we All are Using whatsapp. 

2. WhatsApp Founded in 2009 & whatsapp Launched On January 2010. Jan Choos Neme WhatsApp Because This Sounded like "Whats Up"

3. WhatsApp total user's 1.3 Billion 1300000000. & whatsapp have Estimated 175M Active users Per Day.

4. Do you Know ? Most Users Of whatsapp are in India. India In number 1 whatsapp Using Country.

5. We Know WhatsApp Is Most Popular. & All Popular Brand Spend Lot's of money For Marketing. You can not Believe but whatsapp Spend ZERO Cash on advertisement & Marketing. !!

6. WhatsApp work on "No Ads Policy" Estimated 90% Application Monetized with Ads, but whatsapp Is Different. you never watch  any 3rd Party Ads on WhatsApp.

7. WhatsApp Is 5th Most Downloaded Application On Play Store. Nearest 1.5 Billion Downloads.

8. You can Use WhatsApp In 53 Language. Yes whatsapp Support 53 Different Language.

9. WhatsApp Has More then 1 Billion (100 Crore) Groups. After adding "WhatsApp Group Link Feature" Then lot's of New Groups Adding on WhatsApp.

10. Everyday 1 Million (10 Lakhs) new User's are Joining in whatsapp.

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11-21 unknown Amazing Whatsapp Facts

11. WhatsApp Earn More then the NASA Budget Every Year.

12. 4300 Crore+ Massages are Shared on WhatsApp every day.

13. 160 Crore+ Photos are Shared on WhatsApp every day.

14. 25 Crore+ Video's are Shared on WhatsApp every day.

15. You Can't believe there are 55 employees of whatsapp. Out of which 34 are Engineer who together Handle entire User.

16. In February 14,2014 Facebook Had Purchased whatsapp For 19 Billion $. Which is the Most Expensive Deal ever. Don't Forget Facebook was Rejected whatsapp Owner !!

17. WhatsApp Has 2.5 times More Active user then Twitter !

18. At acquisition whatsapp is worth 2 Instagram & 2 Staples

19. WhatsApp Is Used in 109 Country Of All  over the world.

20. Believe it or not but, most Fack Messages Share on WhatsApp & Also Lot's of Fack Message viral on WhatsApp. WhatsApp Have Fack Message more than any other social media.!

21. WhatsApp never Block Any Links ! There is no link, that You can not send to whatsapp. You can send Any Link on WhatsApp !!

So This is The Top Amazing, Interesting & Unknown whatsapp Facts. If you are know any other whatsapp Facts Then must comment here, we will Also Add Your Suggested Facts In This whatsapp Facts List. I Hope You are like this Information. Please Share This Awesome whatsapp Facts with All Your Friend & Also Share in All Your whatsapp Groups.

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